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Fuel by S.Aleksandrovsky 12+

21 February, Thursday
20.00 - 21.30
700 - 1200

Fuel is the play of the nominee of the "Golden mask" Semen Alexandrovsky. It tells the story of a real person, our contemporary, a physicist and popular programmist David Yan. The play is based on a deep interview with one of the most succesfull companies in the branch of Informatianal Technologie. David Yan is the establisher of ABBYY, the author and developer of the technologies of the electronic vocabularies Lingvo, the programe of voice detecting Fine Reader, the author of the first pocket-computer for teenagers Cybiko and one of the founder of flash mobs in Russia. Nowadays he and his company develope the techlogies of artificial intellect for commonlife. David Yan is not just searching for new technologies, he feels his mission is to discover the perfect method to outroot communicational borders. "I once decided for myself that I will develope technologies that will help people understand each-other".

Directing: Semen Alexandrovsky
Starring: Maxim Fomin
Script: Evgenij Kazachkov

For more inforation call 987-66-90.


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