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Contact information

Address: 196084, St Petersburg , Moskovsky prospect 107 building 5, 4th floor. "Skorohod", 4 minutes on foot from “Moskovskye vorota” station.

Phone number: 8(812) 9876-690.

E-mail: admhelloskorohod@gmail.com

How to find us:

On foot: Look at the picture below, we are in 5 minutes on foot from the “Moskovskye Vorota” station. 

Parking: There is a big parking lot closely to the 107th block on Moskovsky prospect, you may leave your car there. It costs 100 roubles per hour. To the right from the metro station there is an other parking space which is free. Everything you need only in footstep away from Skorohod.

How to find us: go to google maps:

Moskovsky pr., 107, St Petersburg





Alexander Kondratenko



Tatyana Priyatkina-Weinstain


About myself

 Alexander Weinstain






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